CFA Society Toronto offers various programs, events, and courses throughout the year.  These events are primarily driven and supported by dedicated volunteers from numerous committees.  The committees fall into the following categories:

Member Services Committees

The purpose of the member services committees are to serve the membership, provide various benefits for the different segments of the membership, and identify opportunities to enhance overall member satisfaction.  A member services committees representative will act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and relevant committees in member services matters.  This representative will also work to facilitate communication and member services to the current membership and some outside parties.  The following committees fall under the Member Services portfolio: Member Communications and Mentorship.

Outreach Committees

The purpose of the outreach committees are to raise awareness of the importance of the CFA brand and designation, CFA Institute, and CFA Society Toronto as a whole, within and outside of the investment community.  An outreach committees' representative serves as a liaison between committees and the CFA Society Toronto Board, and the management office on projects to raise awareness of CFA Society Toronto, CFA charter, and CFA Institute.  A key objective of this representative is to ensure that we foster relationships with top employers, regulators, and Ontario Business Schools with the goal of achieving recognition of a global designation that symbolizes knowledge, professionalism, and integrity.  This role works to educate and engage Society members regarding the CFA brand, as well as key regulatory and governance issues.  The following committee falls under the Outreach portfolio:  Awards & University Relations.

Programming Committees

The purpose of programming committees is to provide concentrated programming on issues that are timely and of interest regarding targeted investment themes such as skills, career and personal development. This is done through various educational programs and informational networking events that are appropriate to the subject matter and targeted audience.  These include, but are not limited to:  seminars, workshops, courses, conferences, evening network events, roundtables, and events with other reputable professional organizations in the financial markets.  The following committees fall under the Programming Committees portfolio: Corporate Finance, Industry Relations & Corporate Governance, Institutional Asset Management, Private Wealth Management, and Professional Development.

Standing Committees

Standing committees are Board committees defined in Society by-laws and have special oversight functions.  The following committees are standing committees:  Audit, Executive, Finance, Governance & Nominations Committee and Membership.

Committees are also encouraged to organize programs jointly with other committees within the Society, where appropriate.  Finally, all committees are tasked with the responsibility of attracting new members, and committee Chairs are tasked with the ongoing purpose of providing leadership and continuity.

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