Recognizing the importance of this topic to both governance and investment professionals, this webinar is being offered as a joint effort between the CCGG and CFA Society Toronto. 

Non-GAAP Performance Measures provide indications of how a company is performing apart from the audited financial statements. While these measures are informative and provide investors with insight beyond the audited financial statements, the absence of standards in preparing these measures raises potential concerns.

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Fixed Income ETF's - Opportunities and Challenges

Recognizing the importance of this topic to portfolio managers, buy/sell side analysts and risk managers , this webinar is being offered to our members.

While ETF providers argue their funds provide a positive force by adding liquidity and price transparency in times of stress, others say they create a false sense of stability.  Risks may arise in an environment of rising interest rates/slowing growth, which may challenge financing for highly leveraged companies.

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