Connecting the world's largest network of Chartered Financial Analysts

Since 1936, CFA Society Toronto has been serving Toronto’s finance community with a goal to build a strong and sustainable future of finance. The Society achieves this by connecting local practitioners with the global finance community through meaningful networking opportunities and providing leading edge professional and career development opportunities.

Today, CFA Society Toronto is the world's largest association of Chartered Financial Analysts in over 160 global financial markets.

Access Member Benefits

CFA Society Toronto is focused on advancing the investment industry through continuing education opportunities, connecting CFA charterholders and candidates with the greater investment community and building bridges between regulators and Canadian financial institutions. Discover how this is achieved through our three primary focuses below and explore member benefits and testimonials.

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Professional and Career Development

Event Programming

Working with industry practitioner volunteers and subject experts, CFA Society Toronto develops and coordinates events and programming that is relevant, thoughtful, timely and engaging. Programming is flexible and reflective of the diverse needs of members specializing in different asset classes and geared towards varied levels of industry seniority, including the following.

Industry Insights

We offer unique perspectives that embrace informed member-driven thought leadership through our quarterly publication, The Analyst, featuring contributions from member volunteers.

"The CFA® designation has elevated my investment career, and my Society membership has enhanced my skillset and expanded my professional relationships."
Becky Perry, CFA
Professional Development Committee Member.
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Building a robust and meaningful network is a valuable touchstone. CFA Society Toronto provides many channels to connect including the following.

  • Access to employment opportunities and executive recruiters through the online Career Centre
  • Volunteer opportunities to meet with industry peers and serve fellow members. Our Volunteer Committees are tasked with specific mandates to meet the needs of our diverse membership and are supported by CFA Society Toronto staff members
  • Networking opportunities to collaborate with other financial professionals both locally and abroad
  • Mentorship Programs
"The Protégés and Committee Members I’ve had the privilege to work with have broadened my comprehension of the financial services sector and enriched my professional and personal networks."
Jason Parker, CFA, FCSI
Mentorship Committee Member and Mentorship Program Mentor.

Community Building

We strive towards best practice in ethical finance and sustainable growth within the financial markets. By exercising the highest levels of ethical standards in our professional practice we are the voice of the industry.

We provide outreach in collaboration with like-minded organizations, regulators, employers, and sponsors. Our shared commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) help shape a better and more trustworthy financial industry.