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Advertise in The Analyst

Opportunities are available to advertise in The Analyst, CFA Society Toronto's print and digital publication which is distributed exclusively to over 9,000 members and financial professionals on a quarterly basis.

Please find listed below the rates and mechanical requirements for digital and print advertisements.

Digital Advertising Rates

 Position  Price
 Leaderboard + Mobile Leaderboard
 Ad specs: 728 x 90  and 320 x 100
 Medium Rectangle
Ad specs: 300 x 250
Ad specs: 300 x 600

Digital Advertising Information

  • Please note all prices listed above represent a three month run-of-site 
  • Receive a 10% discount with a full online buy-out
  • Receive a 5% discount with a multi-run placement (minimum of nine months)
  • For priority exposure during ad flight, visibility boost is available for an additional 25% of the listed price

Print Advertising Rates

 Position  Price
Full Page  $2,380
2/3 Vertical  $1,785
1/2 Island  $1,666
1/2 Horizontal  $1,190
1/3 Page Horizontal  $785
 1/4 Page  $595
 1/3 Page Wrap Around  $2,380

Print Advertising Information

  • Receive a 5% discount with a multi-run placement (minimum of nine months)

Print Mechanical Requirements

Dimensions (Inches)   Width  Depth Live Area  With .125 Bleed
 Full Page  8.5  11  8 x 10.5  8.75 x 11.25
 1/2 Page Horizontal  8.5  5.5  8 x 5  8.75 x 6.625
 1/2 Page Vertical  4.25 11   3.75 x 10.5  4.375 x 11.25
 1/4 Page  3.625  4.75  3.5 x 4.5  N/A
 1/3 Page Vertical  2.625  11  2.625 x 10.5  N/A
 1/3 Page Banner  8  3.5  8 x 3.5  N/A

Print Production Specifications

  • Only electronic files accepted
  • Complete ads must be provided in either EPS, TIFF or press-optimized PDF format, CMYK (not RGB), 'size as' and at 300 dpi or higher
  • Preferred formats are Adobe inDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat PDF-CS4 or lower provided all fonts are outlined, all colour is converted to CMYK (please note: Quark, Corel Draw, Publisher, Power Point and Microsoft Word files cannot be accepted)
  • Include all fonts and high resolution images in TIFF or EPS format (CMYK, no RGB) with a resolution of 300 dpi 
  • Spot colours will be converted to process colours prior to printing, possibly resulting in colour shifts (we are not responsible for minor registration or colour shifts with four-colour ads)
  • All ads should be accompanied by a hard copy proof of PDF for review

Print Closing Dates

Issue Space Close Date  Material Close Date 
 June 2022  18 April 2022 10 May 2022 
 December 2022  18 October 2022  08 November 2022

Additional Information

Advertising Policy

CFA Society Toronto accepts advertisements that promote products that are relevant to investment professionals, both professionally and personally, including high-end consumer goods.

The Society reviews ads for appropriate content, claims, and graphics. CFA Society Toronto reserves the right to reject ads that it deems to be offensive in any way, such as racially discriminating or sexually explicit. Ads that make false product claims, or attack another advertiser or service provider in the industry, will not be accepted.

Submit a Digital or Print Advertising Order

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