Standing Committees

Standing committees are Board committees defined in Society by-laws and have special oversight functions.  The following committees are standing committees:  Audit, Executive, Finance, Governance & Nominations Committee and Membership.

Committees are also encouraged to organize programs jointly with other committees within the Society, where appropriate.  Finally, all committees are tasked with the responsibility of attracting new members, and committee Chairs are tasked with the ongoing purpose of providing leadership and continuity.


Chair:  Michael Thom, CFA

The Audit Committee is outlined in by-law 6.0.  It is a standing committee composed of a minimum of three Directors (Board Members), including a committee chair, to be selected by the Directors who are not members of the Executive Committee.  Members of the committee must not be members of the Executive Committee and members must be appointed within 30 days of each new Board term.  It consists of members who are financially literate, as determined by the Board, and at least one member shall have accounting or related field experience.  Where there is no Director with the required accounting or related field experience, the Board shall select an additional committee member from outside the Board with the required experience.  This person shall participate on the Audit Committee in an ex-officio (without voting rights) capacity.  The Audit Committee shall adopt and follow a formal written charter that is approved by the Board and that sets out the scope of the Audit Committee's responsibilities and review this charter at least annually and revise if necessary.


Chair:  Vadmin Gracie, CFA
Vice Chair:  Marcus Turner, CFA
Treasurer:  Brenda King, CFA
Past Chair:  Pamela Steer, CFA

The Executive Committee is outlined in by-law 3.0.  It is a standing committee that consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Immediate Past Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer.  It is charged with oversight of the Society's chief executive officer and acts in place of the Board when decisions are essential between Board meetings


Chair:  Brenda King, CFA

Purpose of the Finance Committee is financial oversight of the Society, consistent with the best interests of our members.  Key responsibilities include:  developing and drafting financial policies and procedures for Board approval, overseeing the annual budget process, and reviewing interim financial statements.  It is also responsible for examining differences between budget and expenditures, and providing summaries and reviews of this analysis on an ongoing basis to the Board.

Governance & Nominations

Chair: Pamela Steer, CFA

The Governance and Nominations Committee is outlined in by-law 4.0.  It is a standing committee that consists of the Immediate Past Chair as the Chair, the Vice Chair, one director, and three individuals outside of the Board who are regular members in good standing of the Society.  The Board is responsible for selecting the Governance & Nominations Committee members on the recommendation of the Chair.  This committee acts as a resource to the Board in the form of developing and giving oversight to the Society's chosen governance principles and the model that will ensure these principles and processes achieve the Board's aims.  They recommend individuals for consideration as directors and officers.  The Vice Chair will be a non-voting member of the Governance & Nominations Committee and will recommend individuals for consideration as directors and officers.


Chair:  Brian Madden, CFA
Board Member:  Robert Cultraro, CFA

The Membership Committee is outlined in by-law 5.0.  Purpose of the Membership Committee is to ensure that membership applications to CFA Society Toronto are reviewed in a timely, accurate, and consistent manner, and to act as a liaison between CFA Society Toronto Board of Directors and CFA Institute.

Social Media Sub-Committee

Chair:  Stephanie Condra, CFA
Purpose is to amplify our Social Media presence through volunteer engagement and collaboration, information sharing and topical. The committee strives to: build a digital footprint, build online engagement, grow/build contact with Society membership via online mediums and to share and create value.
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