Team members brainstorming and note taking

Member Service Committees

The Member Services Committees serve the membership, provide various benefits for the different segments of the membership, and identify opportunities to enhance overall member satisfaction.

A Member Services Committees Representative will act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and relevant committees in member services matters. Representatives will also facilitate communication and member services to the current membership and some outside parties. The following committees fall under the Member Services portfolio.

Member Communications

Co-Chair: Kamran Khan, CFA
Co-Chair: Jennifer Vieno, CFA
Vice Chair: Walter de Wet, CFA

The Member Communications Committee facilitates communication to the current membership and interested outside parties.

• To promote the society and its activities to the membership through various channels and methods of communication
• Provide current relevant information on topics of interest to the members
• Promote the effective use of social media tools to the membership



Chair: Eve Makarova, CFA
Vice Chair: Michael Brown, CFA
Senior Advisor: Deena Padamadan, CFA

The Mentorship Committee collaborates with seasoned CFA Charterholders to provide guidance and knowledge to developing CFA Charterholders through mentor- protégés pairings. With the goal of delivering enriching experiences to both protégés and mentors, the committee organizes events such as the 'Day in the Life' series, speed mentoring, career development workshops, soft skills courses and networking functions. Coaching is available to protégés and mentors alike to support successful engagements, and a mentor advisor is available to all participants to monitor and improve the quality of the program.