Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Awards

Does the society offer any awards or scholarships?

FAQs - CFA Program

How do I register for the CFA exam?
Does CFA Society Toronto organize study groups for candidates?
Do you offer exam scholarships?
Can I claim the CFA Exams on my income tax?

FAQs - Data Collection

What is personal information and how is it collected and used?

FAQs - Events

I am a non-member and attended one of your events. How do I access the presentation slides and the webcast?
What if I register for a seminar, and then find out I can't attend?
Do your seminars qualify for other professional accreditation credits?
Can I claim the registration fee for courses on my income tax?
How do I obtain a receipt for purchasing a seminar/course?
Are CE credits mandatory to the CFA profession?
Can non-members attend your events?
I am a student and would like to know if there is student pricing for your events.

FAQs - Membership

How do I know what type of membership I qualify for?
I am already a member of CFA Institute. How can I change my local society membership?
My Associate membership has lapsed and I want to rejoin, what do I do?
My Regular or Affiliate membership has lapsed, how can I rejoin?
I received a notice from CFA Institute saying that CFA Society Toronto approved my membership, when will I receive my welcome letter and get members access to the website?
How do I obtain a receipt for the member dues?
Can I view the Career Centre as a non-member?

FAQs - Mentorship

How do I sign up to participate in the program?
Who can be a protégé?
Who can be a mentor?
How do I fix the video error - Sorry we couldn't find that page?

FAQs - Media

Who do I contact for a media request?
I want to attend a CFA Society Toronto event as press, how do I register?
How do I find out about upcoming CFA Society Toronto Events that press can attend?

FAQs - Volunteering

Are there any volunteer or part-time paid opportunities to work on your events?
I am a member of the society and/or a professional in the industry and am interested in joining a committee or to contribute on a short-term project basis.