Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Awards

  • Does the society offer any awards or scholarships?

FAQs - CFA Program

FAQs - Data Collection

FAQs - Events

  • I am a non-member and attended one of your events. How do I access the presentation slides and the webcast?

  • What if I register for a seminar, and then find out I can't attend?

  • Do your seminars qualify for other professional accreditation credits?

  • Can I claim the registration fee for courses on my income tax?

  • How do I obtain a receipt for purchasing a seminar/course?

  • Are CE credits mandatory to the CFA profession?

  • Can non-members attend your events?

  • I am a student and would like to know if there is student pricing for your events.

FAQs - Membership

FAQs - Mentorship

  • How do I sign up to participate in the program?

  • Who can be a protégé?

  • Who can be a mentor?

FAQs - Media

FAQs - Volunteering

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