Our Mentorship Program has successfully matched over 450 Mentor and Protégé pairings since 2007. The program aims to pass on the knowledge and experiences of senior charterholders onto the future generation of the investment community.  The program also offers an opportunity for participants to develop stronger leadership skills and networking opportunities.  CFA Institute acknowledged the value this program offers to charterholders by honouring the Society with an Award for Innovation after the program’s inaugural year.

How it works:

  • Experienced mentors are assigned to motivated protégés for one calendar year on a one-to-one basis
  • Mentors and protégés receive training at the annual program's launch in the form of an interactive presentation with an expert
  • Participants are invited to exclusive career development and networking events, including resume, interview and personal branding workshops      

Who can apply?

Mentor and Protégé eligibility criteria and links to the online application forms can be found below. For inquiries, please email

Become a Mentor


Become a Protégé



The Mentorship Program will last one calendar year. During the year, it is expected that the Mentor and Protégé meet face-to-face 6 to 8 times. In addition, CFA Society Toronto will host a number of events in connection with The Mentorship Program. These events could include our Day in the Life of series, career development and networking events, workshops, and small group meetings with seasoned executives from various backgrounds. Mentors and Protégés will receive training and will also be encouraged to attend an information session at the beginning of the year.

Why mentor?

  • Develop leadership skills as you coach, motivate and empower your protégé
  • Satisfying way to give back to the financial community
  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Opportunity to attend mentor skills development sessions and executive coaching sessions
  • Network with fellow mentors

Mentor Eligibility

  • Must be members of CFA Society Toronto 
  • Recommended to have 8+ years experience

Why be a protégé?

  • Learn from the wisdom of a more seasoned professional
  • Benefit from access to an experienced sounding board on career-related issues
  • Attend events and workshops tailored to career development and networking

Protégé Eligibility 

  • Must be members of CFA Society Toronto
  • Cannot be full-time undergraduate student
  • Two years of qualified work experience
  • Protégés who have participated in the program previously are not eligible to apply

Mentor & Protégé Application Deadline

4 October 2019

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