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University Sponsorship Application

University Sponsorship Application

Each year, our Society conducts a fall/winter and winter/spring event sponsorship cycle for finance and economics university departments, student associations, and non-profits affiliated with university programming.

If you are submitting a sponsorship application for multiple events, please use a new application for each event. If your sponsorship information package lists all events, feel free to use the same package for each application.

Please note, the more information you can provide (including a sponsorship information package) will allow our Awards and University Relations Committee application evaluators to determine your sponsorship eligibility. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Sponsorship Round

I'm applying for...

Contact's Information

(Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, Etc)
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Institution & Event Information

Department, student organization, etc.
Please create a code using this format: EVENT YEAR_SCHOOL'S INITIALS_GROUP/ORG INITIALS_EVENT INITIALS ( EXAMPLE--2020_MU_ESS_CC = McMaster University, Economics Student Society, Case Competition)
If a particular date hasn't been determined for your event, please indicate the anticipated MONTH/YEAR.
If applicable, please provide a department, association, non-profit, or event website URL.

Sponsorship Information

Please provide a brief description of your department's, association's, or non-profit's mission.
Please provide a description of event goals, what community will the event serve, and other related information. Feel free to indicate where this information can be found in your sponsorship information packet.
Whether by specialization area such as finance, economics and/or by university year of study, or another criterion.
i.e. networking, speaker presentations, case competition or a mix of all the above
Please clearly outline the sponsorship tier/package you are asking the CFA Toronto Society to sponsor
Please clearly list the benefits we would receive if we are to sponsor
i.e. a booth during a networking cocktail or sole hosting a workshop)
Do you need an outreach representative for this event?
If yes, select a representative type:

Is the representative request required to participate in-person, or could it be virtual?

If you answered yes to the outreach representative question, please copy and paste the URL below after you submit your sponsorship application.  Just a heads-up, you'll be asked to use your Sponsorship Application Code from above in the online outreach request form.

Data of past events

i.e. area of study specialization, university year of study
Has this event received CFA Society Toronto sponsorship in the past?
If applicable, please indicate the Society's Awards & University Relations Committee Member, Student Ambassador, or staff member that referred you.

Please upload your sponsorship information package or any other supportive documents.

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