The Knowledge Network is an online directory which aims to connect the CFA Society Toronto community to a knowledge bank of skilled professionals among their fellow members.  This on-demand directory allows members to receive prompt feedback on professionally related enquiries, such as industry trends & best practices, professional experiences, career guidance, and more.

Member Benefits

  • Accessible and relevant skill development resource through community learning
  • Exclusive access to a diverse range of subject matter experts and practitioner perspectives
  • Build networks and gain just-in-time expert advice based on real-world experiences  
  • A convenient service for time-strapped members seeking professional development support 

How it Works

Subject Matter Expert

  • Submit application
  • Submit signed participation documents 
  • Requests will be submitted through email.  Provide a response to submissions within three (3) business days. 
  • May withdraw at any time (2 weeks' notice and upon follow through of any received enquiries)


  • Submit application of enquiry
  • Submissions will be reviewed and followed up with a response
  • Submission may be placed in queue dependent on subject matter expert availability 
  • Method of SME response will be via email or phone

Subject Matter Experts are from the following areas of expertise:


Note: All information provided by each applicant will be shared (internally with Staff and Mentorship committee) for the purpose of this program.

Subject Matter Expert

  • Society member in good standing 
  • Minimum of five (5) years of industry work experience 
  • Agree to connect with minimum of 3-4 requests per month using SME's preferred method of contact (in person, online, etc.)
  • Agree to the Knowledge Network's Expectations and Guidelines  


  • Society member in good standing 
  • Not a Protege in current 2020 Mentorship Program
  • Agree to the Knowledge Network's Expectations and Guidelines

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