CFA Society Toronto invites submissions for the 2020 Financial Journalism Awards – Submission Deadline 17 March 2020

The financial journalism awards exist to acknowledge the contributions of Canadian based financial publications and journalists who show true commitment to high professional standards. Our goal is to identify and recognize the publications and journalists who have made the greatest journalistic contribution to improving transparency, strengthening investor education and supporting CFA Institute’s efforts to shape a trustworthy, forward thinking financial industry that better serves society.


There are three award categories and they are Publication of the Year, Journalist of the Year, and the Spirit of the Future of Finance. These award identify the publications and journalists whose work helps consumers and practitioners gain a better understanding of the investment profession. Article submissions need to be explanatory, relevant, easy to read and backed up by data and fact. Awards are presented at the Annual CFA Society Toronto Financial Journalism Award Reception on 16 April 2020.  


All publicly available business titles produced within Canada, with a minimum of four pages dedicated to business news and features with a daily distribution rate over 45,000.  Canadian magazine and trade titles qualify on the condition of minimum bi-monthly publication, with a circulation over 5,000.

Judging Criteria Publication and Journalist of the Year

Qualifying publications and journalists will submit three articles from the past 12 months that best demonstrate their commitment to investor education, ethics and high professional standards.  All identifying traits of the publication and author will be removed and submitted for evaluation by a volunteer judging committee. Submissions will be graded on a scale of 10.  After the grading has been completed, scores will be collated and the publication and journalists with the highest combined score for their three submissions will be deemed the winner. The three top scoring journalists will move on to the second round of judging to determine the Journalist of the Year winner. 

Judging Criteria of Finance Award

The spirit of the future of finance award is awarded to the article that best embody’s characteristics of CFA Institute’s Future of Finance global initiate. The initiative focuses on opportunities for change with a goal to motivate and empower the world of finance to become an environment where investor interests come first, markets function at their best, and economies grow. Submissions will be graded on a scale of 10 by our volunteer judging committee. 


Publications and journalists will be asked to submit three articles from the past 12 months that best demonstrate their commitment to investor education, ethics and high professional standards to before 5PM EST on 17 March 2020. In your submission, please be sure to include:


·         Reference “2020 Journalism Award” in subject line

·         Full name of journalist

·         Name of publication

·         Copy of three (3) articles per journalist

Submit your articles

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