Internationally Renowned Historian, Academic, Author, and Filmmaker, Niall Ferguson Shares Unique Insights at the 2021 Annual Forecast Virtual “Dinner”

Toronto, 06 October 2021 – Last night CFA Society Toronto hosted its annual marquee event - the 2021 Annual Forecast Virtual “Dinner”. Due to continued COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s event was hosted online. Joining us yesterday evening was an internationally renowned historian, academic, author, and filmmaker, Niall Ferguson.  Niall Ferguson started the evening by sharing his unique perspectives of the post-pandemic world and share his thoughts on what history can teach investors about mitigating future risks as well as identifying post-pandemic investment opportunities, as depicted in his new book Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe.

Following the presentation, Sharon Ranson, President of The Ranson Group Inc. joined Niall Ferguson in a fireside chat where they discuss topics such as climate change and sustainable finance, cryptocurrencies, monetary theory and impact on interest rates, geopolitical tensions, and technological battle lines between the US and China, the power shift between labour and capital, and the rise of populism and threats of war (cyber and physical).

Keeping with tradition, members of the audience answered questions about the markets and their predictions for the future. 

The Canadian consumer price inflation rate was 4.1% in August. What will it be in a year's time?


0 – 2%


2.1 – 4%


Above 4%



Where will inflation be in two years' time?


0 – 2%


2.1 – 4%


Above 4%



In the coming year, relations between the U.S. and China will ...




Stay the Same


Get Worse



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