CFA Society Toronto Celebrates 80 Years of Serving Toronto’s Financial Community at the 2016 Annual Investment Dinner

Toronto, 6 October 2015 – Last night marked CFA Society Toronto’s 80th Anniversary at the 2016 Annual Investment Dinner. Over 900 attendees from various financial disciplines and industries joined us to celebrate and gain insights from the investment community’s most influential practitioners. This year welcomed Barry Ritholtz, Howard Marks, CFA, Philip Tetlock and Michael Mauboussin, at our featured fireside chat, and our host for the evening, BNN’s Catherine Murray.  Speakers were engaged in thought provoking discussions on forecasting, global market trends and their effects on our local economy.  

Keeping to tradition, guests made the following predictions for 2016/2017 using audience response devices:      

What do you expect to happen to Canadian housing prices in 2017?

Survey Results  
Rise 0-10% 42.3%
Rise 10-25% 13.84%
Rise 25% + 3.79%
Fall 0-10% 29.9%
Fall 10-25% 6.27%
Fall 25% + 3.92%

Do you think your forecasting ability is superior to the average person?

Survey Results  
Yes, significantly 20.24%
Yes, but only by a little bit 20.85%
No 58.91%

What will the Federal Open Market Committee decide to do with respect to the deferral finds rate at its December 2016 meeting? 

Survey Results  
Lower 2.89%
Maintain 44.38%
Raise 52.74%

As of 1 March 2017, what will be the closing spot price for West Texas Intermediate crude oil?

Survey Results  
Less than $20/barrel 1.07%
Between $20 and $35 4.57%
More than $35, but less than $50 33.33%
Between $50 and $65 56.71%
More than $65 5.33%

Which equity market will perform the best over the next 12 months?

Survey Results  
Canada 14.95%
USA 31.15%
Emerging Markets 34.27%
European 19.63%

CFA Society Toronto proudly acknowledges its’ Annual Investment Dinner sponsors and would like to extend a special thank you to our platinum sponsor, National Bank Correspondent Network, and our platinum corporate sponsor Thomson Reuters

About CFA Society Toronto

CFA Society Toronto supports the professional and business development of over 9,000 CFA® charterholders in Toronto, making it Canada’s largest society of CFA charterholders. We provide members with a local perspective on a global designation, including: educational programs, sponsored events, job postings, quarterly newsletters, a comprehensive affinity program and networking opportunities. A not-for-profit organization, CFA Society Toronto is affiliated with CFA Institute, the global body that administers the Chartered Financial Analyst® curriculum and sets voluntary, ethics-based performance-reporting standards for the investment industry. CFA Society Toronto’s members are leaders in ethics in the financial community.

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