Fellowship Award Current & Past Winners


Year   Author(s)  Title
2014 Ding Ding  "Essays on Market Conditions and Corporate Investment Decisions" 
2013  Xiaoqiao Wang    "Exploring the Hidden Risks in Firm Operations and Their Financial Impacts"
2011  Fred Davis "Three Essays on Signalling and Price Dynamics in Mergers and Acquisitions"
2010  Miwako Nitani "Structural Issues in the Canadian Venture Capital Sector”
2009  Mohammad Rahaman "Managerial Actions and Corporate Failure: Are Managers Villains or Scapegoats?"
2008 Ambrus Kecskes "Why are firms that raise more financing worh more?" & James Thompson - "Credit Risk Transfer: To Sell or to Insure"
2006 Hui (Jane) Huang "Two theoretical studies of insider trading regulations"
2005 Rose Cunningham
Samuel Du
"Finance constraints and inventory investment by Canadian manufacturing firms"
"Structural approach to assessing credit quality"
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