Advancing the finance industry begins with supporting local CFA candidates

Writing the CFA exam is a highly rewarding challenge. CFA candidates are put through three levels of rigorous testing to ensure they meet the globally recognized professional and ethical standards embodied in the CFA designation. The dedication required to successfully complete all three levels of exams is a testament, by each CFA candidate, to the commitment they have in supporting a sustainable and meaningful future of finance.

We are pleased to be working with Kaplan Schweser in providing the opportunity for 10 local CFA candidates to be awarded the CFA Society Toronto Exam Scholarship.

The award includes the option to choose one or two of the following:

1. SchweserNotes and Pro package

2. Three-day online review

3. Online weekly class


  • Registered to write the June 2020 CFA exam;

  • Preference for level II and level III CFA candidates, but level I will be considered;

  • Must be a member of CFA Society Toronto; and

  • Must be employed within the industry.

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*Potential taxable benefit for recipient.
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