Veterans' Scholarship Program

CFA Society Toronto Veterans’ Scholarship Application

A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) charter is a designation given to those who have completed the CFA® Program and completed acceptable work experience requirements.

The CFA Program is a three-part exam that tests the fundamentals of investment tools, valuing assets, portfolio management, and wealth planning. The CFA Program is typically completed by those with backgrounds in finance, accounting, economics, or business. CFA charterholders earn the right to use the CFA designation after program completion, application, and acceptance by CFA Institute. CFA charterholders are qualified to work in senior and executive positions in investment management, risk management, asset management, and more.

Please note: This application is for first time applicants. For renewal applications please contact for further instructions. 

PART A – Personal Information

(Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, Etc)
If Applicable
CFA Society Toronto's Veterans' Scholarship Program is a taxable benefit.
Have you passed Basic training?
If you are a currently a serving CAF member, please select one of the following:

Have you been awarded a scholarship or funding for the CFA Program in the past?
Have you successfully passed any Level of the CFA exam previously?
If yes, which Level of the exam will you be sitting next?
What is your goal date to sit the exam?

PART B – Education/Work

Please upload your latest resume

To register for the CFA exam, you must meet one of the following entrance requirements.

Bachelor's Degree
Complete a bachelor's program or equivalent program and have received a degree from the college/university. If you are not sure if your program is comparable, consult your college or university.

Undergraduate Student
Your selected exam window must be 23 months or fewer before your graduation month for your bachelor’s degree or equivalent program. Understand that you must be within 11 months of graduation to sit for your Level II exam and you must have completed your bachelor’s degree or accrued 4,000 hours of professional work experience to sit for your Level III exam.

Professional Work Experience
Have a combination of 4,000 hours of work experience and/or higher education that was acquired over a minimum of three sequential years and achieved by the date of registering for the Level I exam. The dates of education and professional work experience cannot be overlapping. If you have a combination of work experience and higher education to achieve the minimum hours and years, assume that higher education takes 1,000 hours per year.

Professional work experience does not need to be investment related.  Internships/articleships are accepted if they are paid. Work experience with your own business or your family business will qualify only if it is professional experience for which you are paid.

By selecting the appropriate qualification you attest that you have met and agree to the qualifications outlined above:

PART C – Essay Upload

Please upload a short essay (500 words) and tell us why you would like to earn the CFA Charter.  How would this scholarship help you achieve your personal goals? What makes you a good fit for the finance industry? What is your plan of attack if you are unsuccessful at passing a Level of the exam?

Short Essay


If you would like to include any supporting documents, i.e. letter of recommendation, with your scholarship application, you may attach them below. If not, please proceed to the next step.

Please note you should not attach any documents that contain personally identifiable financial information.

Did you attend one of CFA Society Toronto's Veterans' Scholarship information sessions?

If you have any questions or having difficulties submitting your application, please contact for assistance.

Final Acknowledgement

In consideration of my participation in the CFA Society Toronto’s Veteran’s Scholarship Program, I hereby:

  • Agree to abide by the official rules for the scholarship program 

  • Agree that if it is determined that my answers on this application are inaccurate, false, or untruthful, I may be subject to an investigation by the CFA Institute Professional Conduct Program, disciplinary sanction, and/or ineligible to receive future scholarships.