CBV Exemptions

The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators will grant exemption from the requirement to complete the elective courses in the CICBV Program of Studies to individuals who have passed the Level I; Level II and Level III exams of the Chartered Financial Analyst Program.

To earn a CBV designation, such an individual has to:

1) Pass exams for the following four mandatory courses:

  • Level I - Introductory Business Valuation
  • Level II - Intermediate Business Valuation
  • Level III - Advanced Business Valuation
  • Level IV - Special Topics in Business Valuation

2) Apply for the exemption from the requirement to complete two elective courses.

3) Have 1,500 hours of experience in business valuation.

4) Have a degree from a post-secondary academic institution or university. 

5) Pass the Membership Qualification Examination ('MQE').

The MQE is the final step in the process of becoming a Member and obtaining the CBV designation.

Chartered Business Valuators provide a broad range of services to Canada's business, legal, banking and governmental communities.

For more information concerning the noted exemptions and how to register in the CICBV Program of Studies, visit the CICBV website at www.cicbv.ca or contact the CICBV at 416.977.1117