2015-2016 Call for Nominations

The board of directors is seeking nominations for the following positions/portfolios for the 2015-2016 year.
The Governance and Nominations Committee will be looking for candidates who possess the following qualities:
  • strong commitment to the CFA designation
  • reflects the diversity of CFA Society Toronto
  • able to devote the requisite time to fulfill the duties as board members
  • strong leadership orientation and a desire to add value to the profession and its members
We encourage you to complete and return your candidate nomination form or sponsor form for a board nominee below. Board of Director positions are open to charterholders who are regular members in good standing of CFA Society Toronto. Terms are one-year renewable to a maximum of three years.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, April 6, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. EST

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact Norma Summers, Director, Operations at 416.366.5755 x224 or nsummers@cfatoronto.ca.

Candidate Nomination Form (PDF)
Sponsor Form (PDF)


Scope of the Position
The Secretary-Treasurer is elected by the membership at the annual election meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer assists the board in its financial oversight of the Society. While this is a Secretary role as well, in practice the management office is able to provides support for the Secretary role. This leaves the Treasurer functions as the key element to this role.

As Treasurer, the incumbent will work to:
  • Ensure the financial soundness of CFA Society Toronto
  • Ensure that society funds are used in accordance with the mission and strategy of the society, and consistently with members’ interests
The Secretary-Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee and strives to add to the organization’s senior management strength and provide an independent objective point of view to the other members of the Executive Committee.

As a member of the Board and the Executive Committee of the Board, the Secretary-Treasurer acts as an ambassador of the Society.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Is a member of the board and Executive Committee
  • Attend all meetings of the board and Executive Committee
  • Chair the Finance Committee
  • Review and present annual operating and capital budgets as required
  • Recommend and review of financial operating policies, and monitoring management office adherence to them
  • Review and present periodic financial results, question management about differences from budget, and if necessary decide how to resolve differences from budget
  • Act as a signing authority on behalf of the board for financial and legal purposes
  • Other such duties as may be determined by the board
Time Commitment
  • 10-15 hours per month (includes board preparation and meetings)
  • Member in good standing of the society
  • Comfortable with the mission and strategy of the society
  • Has volunteer experience with the society
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent ability to work with a diverse team
  • Above-average financial literacy
  • Prefer candidates with:
    • an accounting designation and ideally audit experience
    • previous not-for-profit financial oversight experience

Board Member at Large

Scope of the Position
The purpose of the position is to serve as a consultant to CFA Society Toronto board and management office on initiatives and situations that relate to board operations/strategy and to creating connections that help raise awareness of charterholder activities with interested parties.

This role operates in a supportive and collaborative manner without a permanent committee however is often called to sit on and/or chair ad hoc/temporary/standing committees. The board member at large will lead/assist on projects and initiatives as determined by the Board of Directors.

  • To promote the society and CFA brand to internal/external stakeholders.
  • Serves as an ambassador for the society with CEO’s and other senior positions within the Canadian capital markets.
  • To enhance the overall capabilities of the Board of Directors through sharing acquired expertise and knowledge.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Identify and understand emerging issues and opportunities for the investment profession which are compatible with the society's goals to maximize our value add to members
  • In conjunction with the External Relations committee chair, establish and maintain contacts with select regulators [ie: OSC, IDA, CICA] and other professional organizations to ensure an ongoing dialogue that promotes the CFA charter and society membership
  • Assist in making contacts with senior level individuals who could be persuaded to speak or moderate at key member events
  • Assist in building the society’s sponsorship catalog
  • Attend all meetings of the board
  • Comply with the by-laws and policies of the society and ensure compliance by others
  • Be prepared to substitute for another Board member due to emergency, extended leave of absence, and/or resignation
Time Commitment
    • 4-6 hours a month including 10 board meetings per annum
  • Characteristics
    • Prior board experience, for-profit and professional association
    • Proven executive leadership and/or entrepreneurial skills
    • Well-connected/solid reputation; access at c-suite levels
    • Excellent communicator; written and verbal mediums
    • Current CFA Society Toronto member in good standing
    • Previous governance experience an asset

    Director, Member Services

    Scope of the Position
    The purpose of the position is to represent at the Board of Directors the committee(s) that provide member services and identify opportunities to enhance overall member satisfaction. This role will work to facilitate communication and member services to the current membership and some outside parties that may include media and The Analyst advertisers.

    The role will act as a liaison between the Society Board of Directors and relevant committees in member services matters.

    • To promote the society and its activities to the membership through various channels and methods of communication.
    • Consider matters relating to the delivery of services to the membership and make recommendations for new member services and activities.
    • Continuously strive to improve membership recruitment and retention rates through enhanced member value.
    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Attend all meetings of the board
    • Ensure that member services committees are sufficiently staffed and the appropriate skill sets are covered.
    • Ensure that member services committees are meeting as necessary to accomplish desired initiatives.
    • Serve as a liaison between the committees and the board.
    • Manage the development of programs, projects and activities designed to increase and retain local society membership.
    • Act as liaison to the management office on marketing, promotional, advertising materials and initiatives.
    Time Commitment
    • Minimum 2-4 hours per week, in addition periodic meetings for the committees and 10 board meetings per annum
  • Characteristics
    • Prior experience in client services and communications
    • Strong awareness of marketing concepts and methods
    • Current CFA Society Toronto member in good standing
    • Active participant in CFA Society Toronto events
    • Effective manager and team leader
    • Ability to delegate and work with teams
    • Excellent communicator; written and verbal mediums

    Director, Programming

    Scope of the Position
    This volunteer position is responsible for overall coordination and execution of professional development programs for CFA Society Toronto members. This position, along with the vice-chair, programs oversees all program activities representing various asset classes and sectors to ensure appropriate coverage and scope. The Chair and Vice Chair also serve as members of the board of directors. Execution of these roles is conducted through 11 committees with 100 - 120 volunteers in total.

    The committee’s mandate is defined by the board of CFA Society Toronto, and is governed by CFA Society Toronto policies and by-laws.

    • Provide leadership in generating effective programming to meet the professional development needs of the CFA Society Toronto membership
    • Focus on quality control, performance, efficiency and member requirements to create and sustain a standard of excellence
    • Ensure that the programming committee structure is able to fulfill the above
    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Attend all meetings of the board
    • Manage committee structure to ensure committee heads are sufficiently motivated and understand the parameters of their involvement with the society, thus motivating the members of their own respective committees
    • Oversee the activities of individual committees and special-purpose subgroups to ensure coordinated delivery of effective programming
    • Work with committee chairs to review event timing, formats, topics, attendance, member feedback to improve our professional development offers
    • Liaise with relevant management office members to ensure events are supported, marketed and delivered on a seamless, cost-effective basis
    • Hold program committee chair meetings on a periodic basis
    • Report to the board on professional development activities
    Time Commitment
    • Average 2-4 hours per week, program committee meetings [monthly or bi-monthly] periodic meetings and 10 board meetings per annum.
  • Characteristics
    • Active attendee/participant in CFA Society Toronto events
    • Prior experience as committee member preferred
    • Exposure to/experience with continuing education programs in other professional associations
    • Coaching, mentoring volunteers in other not-for-profit/community initiatives considered an asset
    • Proven strategic leadership skills
    • Excellent organizational skills; ability to motivate and delegate
    • Strong communicator and facilitator