White Papers & Broadcasts
17 Nov 2015 New Regulation on Financial Advice & Planning
Member Survey Results
23 Jul 2014 The Economics of Good and Evil
Tomáš Sedláček
03 Sep 2013 10 Years Later: Where in the World is Equal Weight Indexing Now?
Liya Zeng, CFA, Frank Luo, Ph.D
03 Sep 2013 Commodity Investments: The Missing Piece of the Portfolio Puzzle?
Xiaowei Kang, CFA
03 Sep 2013 The Role of Multi-Asset Solutions in Indexing
Xiaowei Kang, CFA, Aye Soe, CFA, Keith Loggie
15 Feb 2013 Do Brokers of Insiders Tip Other Clients?
Dr. William J. McNally, Dr. Andriy Shkilko and Dr. Brian F. Smith
28 Jun 2012 OTC Derivatives Reform: A Discussion of OTC markets in the Canadian Context
Jayson R. Horner, ICD.D & Philip Wright, CFA
25 Oct 2011 The Long and Short of Leveraged ETFs: the Financial Crisis and Performance Attribution
Pauline M. Shum
01 Aug 2011 Educational Report: Swap-Based Exchange Traded Funds
Savvas Pallaris, MA, MBA, CFA