Why You Should Hire a CFA Charterholder

Well regarded Canadian employers seek out finance professionals who have earned the CFA designation. Improve your competitive advantage by tapping into this rich talent pool.

The Gold Standard

“Whereas there are tens of thousands of finance degrees available around the world, ranging from the excellent to the worthless, there is only one CFA (…)” which The Economist has labelled: “The gold standard”. (February 2005)

First awarded by CFA Institute in 1963, the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation has become the global standard for investment professionals. Investors recognize the CFA designation as the yardstick for measuring competence and integrity in the fields of portfolio management and investment analysis.

Institutional money managers have employed CFA charterholders for many years. More recently, however, many other organizations have also discovered the benefits of hiring these versatile finance professionals: private wealth managers, investment bankers and dealers, consultants and service providers, non-financial corporations, and even the public sector.

This will highlight the value that charterholders bring to these areas.
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Who is a CFA charterholder?
Where you can find the perfect candidate


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Who is a CFA charterholder?

A Chartered Financial Analyst is one of the relatively few candidates who successfully complete the three year self-study program, sanctioned by three exacting six hour exams. This person has earned an undergraduate and often a graduate degree in a variety of fields. To get the charter, he or she also needs a minimum of four years of relevant professional experience and as importantly, must abide by the strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct of CFA Institute.

Moreover, he or she…

Breadth and depth of knowledge 

  • Has acquired solid theoretical and practical knowledge in: risk management, financial reporting and analysis, corporate finance, fixed income, equity investment, derivatives, alternative investments, quantitative methods, economics, corporate governance, portfolio management, wealth planning, and performance measurement
  • Invests in continuing education and has access to a wealth of cutting edge intellectual resources to stay abreast of the latest developments in finance

Global perspective, Canadian smarts 

  • Maintains a global perspective, but knows the unique characteristics of the Canadian marketplace as many have worked in various cities across the country and abroad
  • Belongs to a large global organization, CFA Institute, with members in more than 134 countries and is a leading voice in policy debates on market integrity
  • As a member of a local CFA society, benefits from a tight network of finance professionals

A well rounded professional 

  • Has developed a rigorous analytical mind that leads to thoughtful and careful decisions for the benefit of his or her clients
  • As an experienced professional, has gained precious personal and managerial skills
  • May fill a wide range of positions, from junior analyst to chief executive, in boutiques and large financial institutions

CFA charterholders bring expertise to institutional investors

By hiring CFA charterholders, you enlist professionals with a strong expertise and solid experience in the full range of asset classes, from the traditional to the most exotic, and who have the ability to build portfolios that meet various clients’ needs.

Moreover, they bring… 

  • High standards of ethics and a respect for compliance
  • The credibility of a global brand that reassures clients, eases the recruitment process, and reduces the risk of hiring mistakes
  • An independent and critical mindset able to research and understand complex instruments and strategies
  • Sophisticated risk management skills, rigorous discipline and plain common sense
  • The flexibility to work as a specialist or a generalist across the full set of global investment opportunities: equities, fixed income, derivatives, alternatives, and currencies
  • An experienced professional who can fill a variety of functions, from asset management to sales, to risk management, to managerial responsibilities
  • In many cases, complementary skills and diplomas such as CA, actuary, economist, MBA, or fluency in more than one language

“Attainment of the CFA designation demonstrates not only technical competence, but also a passion for managing money and a commitment to do the best possible job for clients.” Brent W. Barrie, CFA, Chief Executive Officer, SEAMARK Asset Management

CFA charterholders bring trust to private wealth managers

By hiring CFA charterholders, you will enhance the credibility of your firm. Your clients will not only be comforted by their top-level expertise, but also reassured by an ethical behaviour that puts the clients’ interests first, a key condition to building a long lasting franchise.

Moreover, they bring… 

  • The knowledge to control risk and vet new products
  • Respect for compliance and the importance of remaining in good standing with regulators
  • Ability to know your clients and build a portfolio that meets their specific objectives and constraints
  • Broad knowledge of asset classes and strategies and the skill to integrate taxation in the investment policy
  • Talent to communicate clearly, build long term personal relationships, and guard against the pitfalls highlighted by behavioural finance
  • Top-level advice and service to high-net-worth clients who are becoming more sophisticated and demanding
  • The ability to integrate and coordinate multiple disciplines and work as a complement with other specialists including tax lawyers and accountants

“I have always insisted that all our employees who have professional contact with our clients must have earned the CFA designation. Our firm can be confident that its most precious assets, its clients, will receive honest, professional and knowledgeable service.” Gerald A. Cooper-Key, CFA, Honorary Chairman and Portfolio Manager, International Equities, Mawer Investment Management

CFA charterholders bring credibility to investment bankers and dealers

By hiring CFA charterholders, you increase the credibility of your firm. They are superbly trained to gain an in-depth understanding of your clients’ needs and to tailor and implement specific solutions. They can build relationships with clients and not simply “make a deal”.

Moreover, they bring… 

  • Quality research and credible advice to clients
  • Thorough understanding of products and strategies, including their tax implications
  • Capacity to innovate, validate and execute
  • High standards of ethics and a respect for compliance
  • Strategic insight in various industries to support M&A or restructuring projects
  • Solid grounding in corporate finance and market savvy to help clients raise capital
  • Talent to work in multidisciplinary teams with lawyers and accountants

“National Bank Financial Group is proud of its many CFA charterholders who actively contribute to the development of our group by their expertise and rigour.” Louis Vachon, CFA, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Bank Financial Group

CFA charterholders bring knowledge of the client to consultants and service providers

By hiring CFA charterholders, you strengthen your team with professionals who have an in-depth understanding of your client needs, and the capacity to tailor and implement specific solutions. Their ethical behaviour fosters trust, a key competitive advantage when clients consider buying complex and expensive services.

Moreover, they bring… 

  • A professional brand recognized worldwide as a standard of competence and integrity
  • A rigorous expertise that reinforces the credibility of your organization
  • The ability to communicate effectively with sophisticated clients and manage relationships
  • An active local and global network of well-connected finance professionals
  • A commitment to continuing education that allows them to stay abreast of the latest industry refinements

“High-quality advice on investment policy and structure blends exceptional knowledge and insight with a strong desire to serve clients’ best interests. Through CFA Institute’s demanding professional certification process and required adherence to a strict code of conduct, CFA charterholders are well-placed to deliver such advice.” Keith Ambachtsheer, Director, Rotman International Centre for Pension Management, University of Toronto

CFA charterholders bring energy to non-financial corporations

By hiring CFA charterholders, you complement your team with a motivated, versatile professional with expertise in debt and equity capital markets, corporate finance, M&A, treasury and risk management, accounting, pension fund and investor relations.

Moreover, they bring… 

  • Excellent knowledge of corporate finance, ranging from investment decisions to debt and equity financing
  • Treasury management and expertise to minimize various risks: liquidity, currencies, interest rates, commodities and counterparties
  • The ability to plan, finance and monitor plant and equipment expenditures, drilling programs and other significant capital projects
  • Communication skills and the professional network to conduct an effective investor relations program and maintain good relations with analysts, regulators and exchanges
  • Strong ethical values and knowledge of regulation and best practices regarding corporate governance
  • Strategic and financial analysis to plan, and the deftness to execute, M&A and corporate restructuring
  • In-depth knowledge of pension fund management, including asset-liability management, risk controls and selection of managers

“Job candidates carrying the CFA designation arrive with strong financial breadth, ethical integrity and professionalism. These qualities provide a valuable advantage for any organization hiring these recruits.” Corey Ruttan, Senior Vice President & CFO, Petrobank Energy and Resources

CFA charterholders bring industry know-how to the public sector

By hiring CFA charterholders, you gain access to market insight and expertise that lead to better design and execution of public policy. Financial markets are complex, get the experts on your side.

Moreover, they bring… 

  • The ideal qualification to conduct debt financing programs and treasury management
  • Solid knowledge in project finance to plan and negotiate public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Expertise to design, implement and evaluate policies and regulations for the financial sector
  • An independent and critical mindset able to understand complicated instruments and transactions, and to detect fraudulent behaviour
  • Facility to reach out to market participants to ensure policy effectiveness
  • The perfect tool set for the vetting of new products and transactions, no matter how complex
  • Breadth and depth to conduct monitoring of markets and financial institutions, risk assessment and financial stability analysis
  • Professionals who truly believe in the integrity of financial markets
  • An ability to work in multidisciplinary teams with economists, lawyers and accountants

“To reform and monitor the financial system, or to conduct market operations, public authorities must acquire specialized knowhow. The Bank of Canada values the expertise and the experience of its CFA charterholders.” Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of Canada

Where you can find the perfect candidate

The CFA Societies of Canada can help you find the right person for your team. Obviously, no single CFA charterholder can do everything mentioned in this brochure, but there are many who can meet your own specific needs.

Look for CFA charterholders at Societies listed to fill your employment requirements. Any Society can help you access the whole Canadian market or your preferred combination of local markets.

CFA Societies Canada

CFA Society Atlantic Canada  

CFA Society Calgary 

CFA Society Edmonton

CFA Montréal

CFA Society Okanagan

CFA Society Ottawa 

CFA Québec

CFA Society of Saskatchewan

CFA Society Toronto

CFA Society Vancouver

CFA Society Victoria

CFA Society Winnipeg

To conduct an international search, go to JobLine, a CFA Institute online employment search tool that can be accessed at www.cfainstitute.org/jobline.