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          March 2017
  • Wonder Women:  CFA charterholders on Bay Street
  • Investments That Have An Impact
  • Does Your Company Have a Succession Plan?


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Previous Issues



December 2016

  • Celebrate Good Times - CFA Society Toronto's Annual Investment Dinner
  • Public Speaking 101 - Toastmasters
  • Is Your Next Financial Advisor a Computer?
     September 2016
  • Learning For Life - Educating private and Institutional Investors
  • Tax and Your Cottage
  • Private Wealth - Two Prominent Charterholders Weigh In

      June 2016
  • Winners Take it All - A Look at our Award Recipients
  • The Financial Impact of Refugee Families
  • Lessons from Nobel Prize Winners
      March 2016
  • International Women's Day - Five Women to Watch
  • RRSP vs. TFSA
  • Meditation:  The Zen Factor
     December 2015
  • Oh, What A Night:  The 58th Annual Forecast Dinner
  • The Differences Between American and Canadian Investors, EH
  • Exec Comp:  How Fair Is It?
      September 2015
  • Toronto's Best Patio - Voted by You!
  • Profile:  CFA Charterholder Pamela Steer
  • A Macro Global Strategy for DB Plans



 June 2015

  • A chat with Robin Pond, CFA
  • Fossil Fuels and your Portfolio
  • Third-Party Risk
  • Working Overseas?  Know the rules for your TFSA and RRSP

March 2015

  • Top Economists of Canada's Future
  • Oil and Gas Companies : Hidden Liabilities
  • Special Issue: International Women's Day
  • Testamentary Trust Changes: Are you Ready?

 December 2014

  • A Fine Balance: Media objectivity in changing times
  • Jim Leech: The Interview
  • A closer look at Ottawa's ball-in plans
  • What does CRM2 mean for advisors?

September 2014

  • Mentorship issue
  • Congratulations Margaret Franklin, CFA
  • The Future of Finance: It's not the markets, it's the model and... the heat is on
  • Timberland investing

June 2014

  • Portfolio managers share their big picks
  • Four questions for David Rosenberg
  • MBA or CFA charter -- which is better?
  • Coverage of the Pension Conference and the Wealth Management Conference

March 2014

  • Women and Money: International Women's Day, March 8 2014
  • Crowdfunding...or Fleecing?
  • Bitcoin: The cryptic currency

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