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Does the society offer any awards or scholarships?
CFA Society Toronto currently provides four awards: The Undergraduate Award, the Fellowship Award, the CFA Society Toronto and Hillsdale Investment Research Award and the CFA Institute Research Challenge. For more information, please view our Awards page.

CFA Program

How do I register for the CFA exam?
CFA Institute is responsible for exam registration and fees. Please visit CFA Institute's website.

Do I qualify for the CFA Exam?
Review the CFA exam entrance requirements.

Does CFA Society Toronto organize study groups for candidates?
CFA Society Toronto does not currently facilitate study groups for CFA candidates.

Do you offer exam scholarships?
Unfortunately we do not currently offer scholarships for the CFA Program.  For scholarship programs please contact CFA Institute.

Data Collection

What is personal information and how is it collected and used?
To learn more about the information CFA Society Toronto collects and how it is used, please visit the Personal Information page.


I am a non-member and attended one of your events.  How do I access the presentation slides and the webcast?
We check our registration list to ensure that you attended the event; subsequently we would send you a soft copy in .pdf format of the presentation and a link to the webcast.

What if I register for a seminar, and then find out I can't attend?
We require a written cancellation notice (2) business days prior to the event date otherwise you will be charged an amount equivalent to your ticket price. You can contact the society to cancel if this falls in the time period. You may also have another person attend in your place by notifying us of the person who will attend in your place.

Do your seminars qualify for other professional accreditation credits?
Most luncheon seminars qualify for CFA CE and/or SER credit hours. Some continuing education half-day/full-day courses qualify for IIROC credits. You must check the event flyer to see the type and number of credits at the bottom of the event flyer.

Can I claim the registration fee for courses on my income tax?

  • CFA Society Toronto can issue a Form T2202A for each event or course you personally paid for that is valued at a minimum of $100 (before HST).  Please contact eventregistration@cfatoronto.ca with your CFA ID number to request your eligible form(s).  Please note that courses invoiced  to your employer are NOT eligible for receipt.
  • Events that are applicable will be indicated with "Eligible for Tuition Tax Receipts (form T2202A)" on the event description page
  • Tax receipts are NOT issued for taking the CFA Exam from either CFA Institute or CFA Society Toronto
  • For all other claim options, please consult an accountant

How do I obtain a receipt for purchasing a seminar/course?

Receipts can be obtained directly from our website. If you are a member log in to our website then click on Member Centre>My Account>Order History you will see your recent events (options available for older events), click View Details and resend via email. Non-Members that have been given a User Name and Password should follow the same instructions as Members above. Those non-members who do not have access should contacteventregistrationatcfatorontodotcato set-up a User ID and Password. Non-members will then be able to register, pay and get receipts online for all future CFA Society Toronto events.

Are CE credits mandatory to the CFA profession?
CFA Institute’s CE credits are voluntary although it is recommended to fulfill 20 CE credits, including 2 SER credits on a yearly basis.
CFA Institute members can self-document accrued credits in their records using the online CE tracking tool.

Can non-members attend your events?
Yes, our events are usually open to non-members and are subject to a non-member registration fee.

I am a student and would like to know if there is student pricing for your events.
CFA Society Toronto is dedicated to supporting the education and professional development of the financial community.  As such, some events may be eligible for student pricing. “Students” are considered any one who is attending a post secondary school (or later) on a full or part time basis, and have a valid student ID at time of registration.  Student pricing is usually equivalent to member’s pricing, but may vary for each eligible event. Please contacteventregistrationatcfatorontodotcato inquire about a specific event.


How do I know what type of membership I qualify for?
There are three different types of membership you can obtain with CFA Society Toronto, How to Join to see descriptions of each, so you can determine which type you should apply for.

I am already a member of CFA Institute.  How can I change my local society membership?
You can add society membership online through your CFA Institute account. Visit your account and under the Membership section select the “Manage Member and Society Applications” link. This page allows you to create and submit a new society application. The society reviews your application within 30 days, and will notify you by email when they finish. At that time, you can return to your account to activate your new membership by paying member dues to the society. Please note that society dues are non-transferable and non-refundable.

My Associate membership has lapsed and I want to rejoin, what do I do?
If you’ve let your Associate membership lapse and still qualify for Associate membership, please contact us atmembershipatcfatorontodotcato request the renewal form. Your membership will be reactivated within 5 business days.

My Regular or Affiliate membership has lapsed, how can I rejoin?
To reactivate your membership you must make sure that your professional conduct statement and dues are paid up to date. To inquire about your membership status and pay any outstanding dues via CFA Institute please click here.

I received a notice from CFA Institute saying that CFA Society Toronto approved my membership, when will I receive my welcome letter and get members access to the website?
When you receive your confirmation from CFA Institute that you have been approved for membership by CFA Society Toronto you must go online and activate your membership by paying your dues and signing your professional conduct statement. All activated memberships are processed by CFA Society Toronto bi-weekly. You will receive a welcome email from CFA Society Toronto within two weeks from when you activate welcoming you to CFA Society Toronto and granting you access to the members only section.

How do I obtain a receipt for the member dues?
Regular and Affiliate membership dues are processed through CFA Institute. For a receipt, please contact CFA Institute atcmservicesatcfainstitutedotorg.

Can I view the Career Centre as a non-member?
Access to the Career Centre is a member benefit, to find out about other benefits of membership, click here.


How do I sign up to participate in the program?
CFA Society Toronto’s Mentorship Program is no longer accepting applications for the 2016 year.  Applications for the 2017 program will be available in August 2016.  Please see the Mentorship page for further information.

Who can be a protégé?
Protégés must be members of CFA Society Toronto who have not previously participated in the program. They cannot be full-time undergraduate students.  Protégés must have at least two (2) years of qualified work experience. 

Who can be a mentor?
Mentors must be members of CFA Society Toronto.  Mentors generally start at 8+ years’ experience; eligibility is determined on a case by case basis.


Who do I contact for a media request?
You can either use the online Media Contact Directory or send an email tomediaatcfatorontodotca to make an inquiry for a specific story. CFA Society Toronto will make every effort to find you an industry expert.

I want to attend a CFA Society Toronto event as press, how do I register?
Please send an email toeventregistrationatcfatorontodotcaor 416.366.5755 x226 to find out if there are media spaces available at this event.

How do I find out about upcoming CFA Society Toronto Events that press can attend?
To sign up for our bi-weekly press email update please send an email with your complete contact information tomediaatcfatorontodotca. You will then be added to our media list and get bi-weekly updates.


Are there any volunteer or part-time paid opportunities to work on your events?
CFA Society Toronto is a not-for-profit organization and relies heavily on support from committee volunteers to help bring together the content and speakers for professional development events. However, there are no volunteer or part-time positions currently available to help execute events.

I am a member of the society and/or a professional in the industry and am interested in joining a committee or to contribute on a short-term project basis.
Volunteers of our (10) programming and (5) non-programming committees make up the very backbone of the services we provide to our members and the investment community at large. Their commitment is usually a year long or longer, and from time-to-time a committee may send out a 'Call for Volunteers' to join their efforts. Please visit our Get Involved site under the Member Centre to learn more about our volunteering opportunities.