About CFA Society Toronto

Founded in 1936, CFA Society Toronto (formerly Toronto Society of Financial Analysts Inc.) is a not-for-profit organization supporting the professional development and advancement of CFA® charterholders. The society provides member services including educational programs, sponsored events, employment postings, and networking opportunities.

The Toronto Society membership is comprised of portfolio managers, investment analysts, corporate finance executives, academics, and other investment professionals who practice in a variety of fields, including investment counseling and management, banking, insurance, investment banking and brokerage firms, government agencies, regulators, and the financial media.

CFA Society Toronto is affiliated with CFA Institute, the global body that administers the Chartered Financial Analyst curriculum and sets voluntary, ethics-based performance-reporting standards for the investment industry. CFA Institute, is a non-profit professional association of more than 145,000 members in 150 countries and territories, including 139,000 CFA charterholders, and 147 member societies.  CFA Society Toronto with over 9,000 members is the second largest member society in the world, and the largest in CFA charterholders.


CFA Society Toronto will be recognized globally for its leadership role in:
  • professional and business development of our members;
  • advancing the investment profession; and
  • enhancing the CFA brand with all stakeholders.

Mission Statement

The mission of CFA Society Toronto is to:
  • provide a forum for education, information, and communication that is centred on the needs of investment professionals;
  • enhance awareness of the investment profession and the CFA charter within the community;
  • promote professional behaviour and high ethical standards;
  • represent and advance the interests of our members; and
  • be recognized as a leading member society within CFA Institute.
To achieve its vision and mission, CFA Society Toronto focuses on:

Programming and Education

  • CFA Society Toronto's events provide opportunities for education and professional development on a wide range of issues relating to investments and the investment process. Events are topical and convenient to attend. Most are open to all interested individuals.
  • Recognizing the rigour of the CFA program, CFA Society Toronto offers seminars of the highest possible quality in support of CFA candidates.

Networking and Career Development

  • Through participation in CFA Society Toronto programs and by volunteering on committees, members gain access to a network of peers, investment professionals and corporate leaders with whom they can learn from and exchange ideas.
  • The Toronto Society offers a job posting service that investment firms and executive recruiters use to attract and recruit investment professionals.


  • Through its web site, committees and newsletter, CFA Society Toronto maintains an effective flow of information between the society and its members. The Toronto Society maintains an office whose staff is responsive to members' needs.
  • The Toronto Society values its relationship with other professional organizations and maintains contact and/or affiliation with CFA Institute and other financial analyst societies. In addition, CFA Society Toronto advances its members' interests and values through communication with related groups, securities regulators and the media.
  • Through its Awards program, CFA Society Toronto works with universities and others to support excellence in investment research.

Standards and Objectives

CFA Society Toronto promotes high standards of professional ethics and competence, encouraging fairness and efficiency in the operation of capital markets. Members are required to submit an annual statement to the effect that they have adhered to the principles embodied in CFA Institute's Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. The society promotes professional competence by encouraging our members to complete the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) program as well as to participate in continuing education activities. The society fosters relations with regulatory and other professional organizations in order to assist in government policy formulations, to provide feedback on topical issues, and to act as a forum for the dissemination of information.